a year ago
bbq and the feeling at this location is super good. It was so delicious. The staff was friendly and sociable. The bill was decent for the quality. Feels similar to a restaurant in New York I loved.
- Shelly M
2 years ago
I am awestruck! They've been so close to me and didn't even know it! Hands down the best food in the whole city! Why is it hidden on church street 😭. They've just earned my eternal love with these authentic Portuguese pork ribs, this isn't flavor you come by everyday.. Honestly makes me want to eat everything even the bones 🙏🏿 and the empanada was a masterpiece 👌🏿 10/10 will order again and share . Great portions Great flavor Great hospitality What more can you ask for besides a second stomach?
- Bryan W
2 years ago
Hole-in-the -wall Portuguese restaurant with great food, inexpensive and large portions. I usually order pork belly, highly recommend to everyone who likes pork. Very friendly atmosphere.
- Davit S

Carlee’s represents a vision in quality

Carlee’s story started with an idea to provide people with a typical home style taste that gives our BBQ Chicken and Ribs its own character - without compromising on our delicious and healthy quality. The Portuguese are renowned for their wholesome style of barbequing where we cook on a Charcoal grill. This process allows our food to cook in the natural flavors without the fat, thus creating a tasty meal that the whole family can enjoy. ​ Centuries ago when Portuguese explorers made their way to Africa, we were introduced to the African bird eye chili and thus began the culinary journey to mainland Europe. This is where the so-called 'Piri-Piri’ chili sauce concept was combined with local Portuguese cooking and produce.        At Carlee’s, we are driving a ‘taste evolution’ where we are creating our own timeless, all inspired basting sauce combining fresh chili, garden herbs and exotic spices that tantalize taste buds and draw out the natural goodness of our Chicken and Rib menus.              So who is behind Carlee’s? Carlee’s is a family owned business. We are young and enthusiastic bunch of people with a fresh, enterprising approach to delivering tasty, fresh food to our local community.  It just tastes better with Charcoal!

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